Animal’s Daily Political Execution News

Before we get started, check out my latest Profile in Toxic Masculinity over at Glibertarians.

Last weekend, the festering sore that is Portland saw an actual by-gosh political execution, right in the street.  Excerpt:

One person was shot dead in Portland on Saturday night as tensions between pro-Trump supporters and Black Lives Matter counter-protesters boiled over.

The victim was pictured lying on the ground wearing a Patriot Prayer baseball cap, appearing to show support for the far-Right group which is frequently present during Portland protests. 

The Portland protest was one of many that Donald Trump‘s supporters staged across the country on Saturday, with hundreds of people congregating in Los Angeles, Georgia and beyond to celebrate their president and rally for his re-election. 

In Washington DC, Black Lives Matter protesters were tear gassed to push them away from the White House, while in Kenosha, Wisconsin – where Jacob Blake was shot on August 23 – protests continued, but were largely peaceful.

The White House announced that Trump is scheduled to visit Kenosha on Tuesday – which many fear could exacerbate tensions in the city.

Here’s the onion:

In Portland – where there have been 95 nights of unrest in the wake of the May 25 shooting of George Floyd – more than 600 cars flying Trump flags and banners set off in a convoy around and through the city, after tense scenes at their meeting point and clashes with counter-protesters.

Now, let’s do a little thought exercise.

This counter-protest included six hundred cars and trucks from the suburban and rural areas outside the city (almost certainly.)  I’d bet next week’s invoice that none of those cars and trucks was occupied by only one person.  If we posit two people per vehicle, that’s twelve hundred citizens on the road.

That’s a big response.  And, by all evidence, their goal was simply to drive through the town and show the flag, although they were prepared with pepper spray to fend off attackers.

Bearing Arms

Now, let’s add to that the police “failing” to find this perp for several days, in spite of plenty of video evidence – and there is little mention of his arrest in June on firearms charges, when he was released with no charges filed by the DA.  Instead, the perp was apparently identified by photos and videos online and positively identified by his own family.

One of two things will happen here.  Either the out of town folks decide it’s not worth it and stay home, or the rage grows, and they return with more people, more vehicles, better weapons and a whole different ROE.

This is the kind of thing that results in people hanging from lampposts.

The fact is that the suburban/rural folks that have been repeatedly and continually demonized by Profa and BLM agitators have shown enormous restraint.  If they decide enough is enough – and political executions may well be the tipping point, when you add it to the utter lack of any action on the part of city and state officials – it may well result in these folks arming up and deciding to shut things down themselves.

At that point it’s Bleeding Kansas all over again.