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Lilly Diabetes has taken hyper-sensitive PC stupidity to a new low, pulling sponsorship from NASCAR driver Conor Daly over a remark made by Daly’s father before he was born.

Yes, really; before he was born.  Excerpt:

The tolerance revolution marches on. 

Now it’s time to start firing people over things their parents said before they were born. And then their grandparents. If any of your ancestors, say around 1752, said something intolerant about gay marriage, prepare to be fired for it. This is the new lefty “tolerance”.

ELKHART LAKE, Wis. (AP) — Lilly Diabetes has pulled its sponsorship of Conor Daly’s No. 6 car in the NASCAR Xfinity race at Road America, citing a racially insensitive remark made by the driver’s father in the 1980s that surfaced this week.

In a statement, Daly said he admitted to using a racial slur for African-Americans during a radio interview in the early 1980s. Daly, who had just moved to the United States then, said the term had a different meaning and connotation in his native Ireland.

Daly said he was “mortified’” when he learned how the term was used in the United States and has never used it since then. Conor Daly, 26, wasn’t born when his father made the comment.

Yes, but what sort of things was his great-grandfather saying?

The great thing about the internet is that we can store all the things people said indefinitely and then punish their distant descendants.

Meanwhile Obama posed with Farrakhan and the New York Times hired a racist, Sarah Jeong, with no consequences.

Apparently the media has no standards if not double standards.

Let’s examine Lilly’s premise here for a moment.  I’m fifty-six years old.  I’m pretty certain language used by my parents (born 1923 and 1928) would be considered unacceptable by today’s standards.  I’m equally sure that would apply even more so to my grandparents (born 1894, 1898 and 1901).  My parents and grandparents were all good, kind people (and my Mom still is); but the language, standards and discourse of their time were different, and the same applies to Conor Daly’s father.

Lilly’s action here is simply idiotic.