Animal’s Daily Other-State Politics News

The Virginia Governor’s race doesn’t affect us much up here in the Great Land, but it’s been an interesting bit lately, what with Clinton creature McAuliffe’s increasingly-panicked flailing about.  Glenn Youngkin, his GOP opponent, recently had this to say.  Excerpt:

Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin told Fox News that President Biden has a “failed presidency” and that the “sun is setting” on the political career of his Democratic opponent, former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Fox News Washington correspondent Mark Meredith asked Youngkin if he was worried that Biden will campaign with McAuliffe in the final stretch of the toss-up governor’s race.

“I’m not afraid, I’ll be honest,” Youngkin responded. “You know, down the stretch here, Virginians are so focused on what their governor is going to do for them when I’m governor and we’re going to get our taxes down and we’re going to get our job machine cranked back up, make our neighborhoods safe. And we are in fact going to make sure that our schools are teaching our children how to think and not what to think.”

The Republican noted that McAuliffe “has to try to bring in all these personalities.”

And boy howdy, look at the “personalities” he’s bringing in.  A demented old fool and a cackling harpy; a third-rate intellect whose only accomplishment of note was being the first black-ish President.  The only “personality” missing is Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I, the Dowager-Empress of Chappaqua, and that’s a bit odd since McAuliffe is a Clinton creature.

Mind you Virginia is still a blue state and, tight as the polls are, Youngkin is still the underdog.  But America loves an underdog, and if the frankly superior candidate Youngkin can bring in voters above and beyond the margin of fraud, he might just pull this out.

He’s taking the smart play, too.  Youngkin is making this about education, in a state in which a girl was just raped in a girl’s bathroom by a boy claiming to be a girl, and where that school district hushed the event up.  The transgender youth was then sent to another school where they repeated the shameful performance.  Parents, understandably, were outraged, and the Loudon county school board called them “terrorists” when they voiced those objections – you know, the act of petitioning the government for a redress of grievances, which I believe is named as a protected right in some governing document somewhere.

Less than a week now and we’ll know the answer.

This year also marks the first time Mrs. Animal and yr. obdt. will cast ballots here in Alaska, for which we have to show up at a polling place and show our IDs – as it should be.  Nothing but some Borough business on the ballet this off-year, but we’ll be there and do our part – as we will next year, when we’ll contribute our effort towards sending Lisa Murkowski packing.