Animal’s Daily Nuclear-Powered News

Before I get into this, check out the latest chapter of Barrett’s Privateers: Unrepentant Sinner over at Glibertarians.

Now, I don’t mean the kind of nuke that goes BOOM, but I did run across an interesting piece on the next possible wave of nuclear power.

Although solar and wind energy installations are increasing at an accelerating pace, they are inherently unreliable due to their intermittent nature. Unlike traditional power sources, such as fossil fuels or nuclear energy, solar and wind technologies cannot generate electricity consistently throughout the day and night. In today’s interconnected and technologically reliant world, there is a pressing need for dependable, dispatchable electricity generation facilities to ensure continuous power supply.

Advanced nuclear energy is essential in our energy portfolio, and TerraPower’s plant represents cutting-edge innovation in this exciting industry. It will be the world’s most advanced nuclear facility, paired with a molten salt energy storage system that is capable of increasing output for over five and a half hours during peak demand periods. This project, with an estimated cost of around $4 billion funded by both governmental and private sources, marks a significant step towards sustainable energy solutions built on a foundation of nuclear power.

Read the entire piece; it’s got some great information on not only the nature of nuclear power and how it is essential to the continuation of our modern, high-tech society but also some neat stuff on some ground-breaking new reactor designs.

There is still and likely always be a need for natural gas and gasoline. There are just too many places where electric vehicles aren’t practical or even possible.  But nuclear power is an essential part of our energy future.  It’s time to streamline the regulatory process and get cracking on building reactors.