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Oil reserves.

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Now then:  Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy recently weighed in on the Biden(‘s handlers) Administration’s recent attacks on the extraction of oil and gas.  Excerpt:

We can’t afford to be naïve about the motives of Wall Street banks. While the mega-rich like Larry Fink put on a show about saving the planet, they are knowingly underwriting those who are destroying it. When they fly in to Bristol Bay in their private jets, they lodge just miles from some of the poorest communities in America – places desperate for the very economic opportunities these billionaires have decided to take away.

It’s these everyday Alaskans – people looking for jobs to feed their families – who shoulder the burden of Wall Street’s decision to sell the world a lie.

This isn’t a personal attack on investment bankers. I’m aware that it’s self-interest, not honesty, that makes the world go ’round. Trading a shrinking traditional energy sector for one that will require trillions of dollars of investment, all while masquerading as the “good guys,” makes perfect business sense.

But when Fink’s self-interest threatens to destroy the future of my state, I have no choice but to intervene. I have no choice but to showcase the hypocrisy of the billionaires and environmental profiteers who spread falsehoods about development in Alaska.

They will never tell you that the central Arctic caribou herd has actually grown from about 6,000 to 30,000 animals since Prudhoe Bay development activity began, or that the “threatened” Porcupine herd of caribou now numbers 218,000 animals – the highest in recorded history.

They won’t tell you about how Alaska’s stringent environmental regulations far outclass those in the rest of the nation – that we pump our gas back into the ground instead of flaring it, that we operate the most technologically advanced pipeline on the planet, that we don’t let our mines turn the tundra yellow with acid water.

Why won’t they tell you?

Because attacking Alaska is easy and profitable. In the case of the Wall Street bankers, they’re playing a long game by betting on a new industry. Others, including many environmental groups, are collecting their profits up front. Take the Environmental Defense Fund and the National Resources Defense Council, for example. Did you know that their CEOs earn $665,748 and $526,053, respectively? I’ll let those numbers speak for themselves.

Again, as I’m always saying, read the whole thing.  It merits a bit of thoughtful consideration.

Here’s the problem Governor Dunleavy faces:  Alaska is a damn big state geographically, but it’s a small state politically, with only Vermont and Wyoming having smaller populations – and our population is spread over a state that’s almost three times the size of Texas.  The Great Land’s sole Representative and two Senators give it a paltry three Electoral College votes and the state votes very reliably Republican, meaning we get pretty much ignored in Presidential campaigns.

Which means the Biden(‘s handlers) Administration can throw Alaska under the energy-production bus without much thought for the consequences.

The one bright spot for the oil/gas and pipeline workers is that Alaska isn’t the only state affected by this horseshit.  States from the Dakotas to Texas are seeing thousands of good-paying jobs suddenly gone due to these idiotic changes in policy.  The question is this:  What impact will all this have in 2022?

I know what the logical outcome of this ought to be; but it remains to be seen whether energy-sector employees can manage to push any elections past the margin of fraud any more.