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Before we start, check out my latest over at Glibertarians – this time, a profile of one of the West’s most notorious figures, James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok.

Now then:  Newsmax’s Christopher Ruddy has some interesting thoughts on what President Trump should do next.  Excerpt:

So where does Trump go from here?

Well, the answer is upward.

I believe Trump can accept the imperfect Constitutional process while still disputing results. Accepting Joe Biden as the 46th president upon Congress’ certification does not mean he believes the election was fair.

Trump could also attend the Inauguration ceremony. By doing so, he will steal the show and put himself foursquare behind the Constitution.

Predictably, buyer’s remorse will quickly set in during a new Biden presidency.

Reflection will re-focus Americans on Trump’s many achievements as president – from getting the Arabs and Israelis to make peace, to ushering in the strongest economy since World War II, to reforming Washington like never before, among many achievements.

Donald Trump probably fulfilled more promises than any other man to sit in the Oval Office. And in four years, no less.

After his presidency, Trump will also become an unequalled global political and media force.

Trump will be surprised how much influence he has as a former President, without the limitations placed on being the actual President.

Now, Mr. Ruddy leaves out one possibility:  Trump running again in 2024.  But a post-Presidency Trump, to be sure, could be enormously influential.

Imagine former President Trump holding his traditionally massive MAGA rallies from coast to coast, holding Biden’s feet to the fire for every gaffe, every policy screw-up, every failure, every intrusion into the lives of the citizenry – and there will be plenty to work with.  He will have considerable influence on down-ballot races, especially primaries, and if he doesn’t run in 2024 himself, he would have enormous influence on who got the GOP nod – he would, in effect, be the kingmaker.

Previously it was traditional for Presidents to go quietly into retirement after leaving office.  Presidents up through George W. Bush mostly observed this tradition, but Barack Obama cast that tradition to the winds – and if anyone doesn’t think he’ll be one of the primary puppet-masters for the Biden Administration, they’re kidding themselves.

So, why shouldn’t Trump follow that example?