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There's stress, and then there's stress.
There’s stress, and then there’s stress.

Was 10,000 BC less stressful than today’s world?  Excerpt:

There have been reality TV shows on islands, in the jungle, and even in houses outside London. Whole families have travelled back in time for experimental documentaries like Channel 4’s 1900 House, and schools from decades past have been recreated for the That’ll Teach ‘Em series.

The next step? A reality show which transports 20 people, including couples and families, back to the Stone Age – the results of which can be seen in 10,000 BC, a ten-part series which begins on Channel 5 tonight.

The participants spend two months in a 45-hectare forested wilderness in Bulgaria, hunting and foraging for food, and creating their own fire from Stone Age tools.

This being reality TV, some elements were staged. Their fur and leather outfits were provided by a costume department while a pre-slaughtered deer was arranged for their arrival.

There’s a phrase for this kind of a “reality” show:

An enormous, steaming pile of horseshit.

Here’s a doozy of a quote from the nincompoop interviewed for the article:

But once you’ve adapted to those conditions, it’s less stressful than normal life. I had no worries other than making sure I had enough wood for the fire and food for the evening – and I knew they were things I could get.

“In the 21st century there’s so much more to worry about, and it’s not always something you can control. I would prefer to live in the Stone Age.”

Fishing BearThose, True Believers, are the words of either an ignoramus or a moron.   Or both.

Picture life 12,000 years ago, a short time after the end of the last Ice Age.  Nobody is going to provide a pre-killed deer for you; you will have to use whatever tools and materials the environment provides to kill your own deer, probably after a prolonged close-up struggle with a terrified, wailing animal that is doing it’s damnedest to kill you instead.

If that animal’s hooves or antlers puncture your skin – anywhere – your chances of dying of a horribly painful infection are pretty good.  If you step on a thorn, likewise.  Come winter, your chances of starving to death are also pretty good.

And never mind the range of diseases that nobody has vaccinated you against; never mind the neighboring tribe who may be planning to kill you and take your wife and daughters.  Never mind roaming carnivores, never mind contaminated water, never mind watching Splashing-Bearsover half your children die before their first birthday, never mind an absolutely appalling rate of death in childbirth for your wives and daughters.

12,000 years ago there were no noble savages – only savages.  The vacuous, idiotic twit interviewed for this story has no fucking idea what he’s talking about.