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Relaxed BearFirst up, thanks to The Other McCain and to the Daley Gator for the Rule Five links!

A couple of tidbits from the early news:

Scott Walker seems to be turning some conservative heads in Iowa.  Excerpt:

First elected in 2010, Walker faced a recall election just two years later and won re-election again last November. He wasted no time in pointing that out to the crowd, adding that he and his family became literal targets during those campaigns.

“Someone sent me a threat that said they were going to gut my wife like a deer,” Walker said to audible gasps from the crowd, detailing how someone also wrote a letter which included the addresses of his kids’ schools and his family members’ homes.

“All they did was remind me how important it was to stand up for the people of my state.”

Walker’s making some interesting appearances.  He might be just the guy for 2016; he is overtly religious enough to appeal to social-issues conservatives, he is pro-business enough to win over the Sam’s Club

Out on a limb.
Out on a limb.

Republicans and he is known for bringing Wisconsin’s public-sector unions to heel, which would appeal to small-government types.  His appeal to libertarians remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the SUPER SCARY KOCH BROTHERS will apparently be spending some money on the 2016 election.  George Soros (who, by the way, spends even more on liberal candidates, which somehow goes unnoticed) was unavailable for comment.

And on that note, we return you to your Tuesday, already in progress.