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Relaxed BearFirst of all, thanks once again to Robert Stacy McCain, Smitty and Wombat-socho for the Rule Five links.

This snowy Tuesday (at least, it’s snowy here in Colorado) seems like a good day for some random tidbits.  So, without further ado:

Here’s the always-worth-reading Dr. Victor Davis Hanson on Crime as Politics.  I never miss one of Dr. Hanson’s columns; even on those occasions when I disagree with him, he’s always thought-provoking.

Another from PJMedia:  The Iranian Death Spiral.  We should be so lucky as to have the world’s number one state sponsor of terror self-destruct.

Some musing on the 2016 GOP race from William Kristol:  The More the Merrier.  As long as the final candidate is not Jeb Bush; I think he would be a disastrous candidate.   But then, the GOP has a history of picking bad candidates in races they should have won.

Speaking of The Other McCain, here is Robert Stacy on How To Win Wars.  Some good points here; as General George S. Patton so pithily pointed out, you don’t win wars by going out and dying for your country.  You win wars by going out and making the other dumb sons of bitches die for their country.

 If you’re a shooter (and how many regular True Believers are not?) you may find this enlightening; here is the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms list of the top ten anti-gunners for 2014.  No surprise that Michael Bloomberg tops the list.  Recently re-elected Colorado Governor Hickenlooper rates an dishonorable mention.

Facepalm-bearAnd, finally, just in case you haven’t found something to piss you off yet this morning; here, from the Heritage Foundation, is the 2014 Federal Imperial budget in pictures.

Holy shit.

Holy shit.

On that rather shocking note, we return you to your Tuesday, already in progress.