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Michael Walsh thinks Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren will be the Democrat’s Presidential candidate in 2016.  He says:

Hillary Clinton is a very poor retail politician, who got her lunch eaten and her head handed to her by somebody named Barack Hussein Obama, a man of zero accomplishment who had barely registered on the national radar screen until a couple of years earlier. By contrast, Hillary has been around since Watergate and was in our faces throughout the two terms of the Clinton administration. And yet she still lost.

You just know the Democrats are going to want to keep up their “historic” electoral accomplishments, which means they must nominate a (rich, white, elitist, one-percent member of the Harvard faculty) woman. And that’s going to be Fauxcahontas, the gal from Oklahoma who sets moonbats’ heart all a-flutter with her faux populism.

Mr. Walsh is right about Hillary Clinton.  She is not one-tenth, not one hundredth the natural politician her husband is; she is raw, abrasive, strident, and an abysmal campaigner.  As Mr. Walsh points out, she has been on the national scene since Watergate and Barack Obama a newcomer with essentially zero experience or qualifications, took her out like last night’s fish wrap.  Elizabeth Warren could easily do the same.

Excellent BearStill, I am skeptical she’ll be the candidate.  Ms. Warren has plenty of baggage or her own – the “Lieawatha” use of a totally fictional Indian background to gain “minority” preference from her pre-government employer, for one.  But she does nicely represent the Democrat base’s sharp snap to the left, which inexplicably seems to have accelerated after last month’s electoral bloodbath.

But there is one thing you can generally predict about Presidential candidates who excite their party’s base but fail to draw independents or crossover votes:  They lose.  Elizabeth Warren is a darling of the liberal base, but in a country that is good and damned tired of Obama-brand liberalism, she won’t gain any traction outside that base.

A Warren candidacy is a briar patch into which the GOP should be begging to be thrown.