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Bear-with-CubThis just in from the folks at  Obama Immigration Plan: Won’t Know What’s In It Till He Announces It, Or Maybe Not Even Then.  Excerpt:

In a joint conference yesterday in authoritarian Myanmar with long time dissident Aung San Suu Kyi, President Obama said he would institute immigration reforms via executive order, as he said he warned House Republicans he’d do all year if they didn’t pass a bill he supported. Despite the bizarre choice of venue to thumb his nose at the opposition, the president’s actions on immigration could help bring millions of people living and working in the U.S. out of extralegal status.

Reason has in the past tepidly supported various immigration reforms including some kind of amnesty, but what the President is proposing to do is quite different; it is the worst Presidential seizure of unConstitutional authority since Abraham Lincoln suspended habeus corpus during the Civil War.

What does President Obama hope to gain from this maneuver, which is almost unConstitutional?  Does he hope to gain the votes of Hispanics for Democrats in future elections?  That’s a possibility, but far from a certainty; plenty of Hispanics who are here legally do not support a blanket amnesty.

Yes-YOU-bearWhat’s certain is that he will alienate labor unions, as stable a Democrat constituency as one could hope for.  And it won’t stop there!  In a Sunday Commentary Magazine column, Jonathan Tobin noted:

The spectacle of mass amnesty without benefit of law will shock ordinary voters, including many who are Democrats or who think the immigration system should have been fixed. After the orders, responsibility for the failure to do so will rest on Obama, not the Republicans. What the president may be doing with these orders is to remind the voters that parties that grow too comfortable with exercising authority without benefit of law must be taught a lesson, one that will be paid for by his would-be Democratic successor in 2016. Rather than building his legacy, the president may actually be ensuring that his time in office is remembered more for his lack of respect for the rule of law than any actual accomplishments.

A lawless Administration, headed by a lawless President, who shows callous disregard for the Constitution – the supreme law of the land.  Is that to be President Obama’s legacy?