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Smiling BearSo what’s up with the Left’s obsession with the Koch brothers?

You know, the Kansas businessmen who donate to political causes – just like wacko-bird leftie George Soros.  The Koch brothers who are libertarians, not conservatives, who also donate millions to such raging right-wing causes as the New York Museum of Natural History, (donation: $20 million, and that facility now has a David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins), the Lincoln Center (donation: $100 million), and the New York Public Library (donation: $100 million)?

Ingram’s Jack Cashill has some ideas.  Excerpt:

As Wichita’s Koch family has learned the hard way, the surest way to make mortal enemies in contemporary America is to build a hugely successful business, stick to your principles, and care about the future of your country.

A bantam-weight among those enemies is The Kansas City Star. Not above the occasional rabbit punch, Star editors jabbed away with a recent story headlined, “Conservative Koch group launches TV ad attacking Orman in Kansas Senate race.”

Never mind that the Kochs are libertarians, not conservatives. What intrigues about the story is that hundreds of groups run ads every campaign season. To single out just one sponsor by name when that sponsor is running perfectly legal ads in its own state suggests something deeper than a bias. It suggests a disease, specifically KDS—Koch Derangement Syndrome.

Among those afflicted is self-styled environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The day before The Star article—a coincidence?—he, too, singled out the Kochs, this time for questioning the agenda of that day’s million-madman climate march in New York. “They are enjoying making themselves billionaire by impoverishing the rest of us,” ranted Kennedy. “Do I think the Koch brothers should be tried for reckless endangerment? Absolutely.”

Derp BearLet’s just point out that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a fucking idiot.  The Koch brothers certainly have not stripped away a penny of the Kennedy fortune, amassed by bootlegging, rumrunning and political machination.  Nor have they impoverished anyone else by making the billions of dollars that they earned – that’s right, Mr. Kennedy, you economic imbecile, they earned – by providing goods and services for which many people are willing and even anxious to pay, and oh by the way producing thousands of jobs in the process.

But the Kochs  are unmoved by the endless litany of slander from the Left.  These right-wing fanatics just keep on plugging, along the way also lending support for gay marriage, along with being generally libertarian on most social issues, which hardly endears them to the social-conservative Right.

In fact, the Koch brothers are precisely the kinds of people more Americans should try to emulate.  They are successful through their own efforts, through providing value to their customers.  They are outspoken men of principle who do not waver in the face of (generally unfair) criticism.  They are men straight out of an Ayn Rand novel, and America could use more men of similar caliber.