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eric_cantor_betting_against_americaSo, what happened to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor? has some ideas:

Who Is Dave Brat? Take a Look at the Ayn Rand Loving, Immigration Reform Hating, Cato Institute Referencing Man Who Beat Eric Cantor.  (That first qualification for Brat is interesting, being a Randian myself.)

Why Did GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Lose His Primary?  Because he spent too much time trying to be a national figure instead of listening to his constituents?   Because he was increasingly seen as part of the Washington establishment?

Eric Cantor to Step Down As House Majority Leader Following Primary Loss, Throwing GOP Leadership Into Chaos. 

Well, sure they are in chaos – Majority Leaders have lost elections before, but being shot down in the primaries – that’s something new.

Dave Brat, an economics professor described as a Randian and a free-market advocate (the two pretty much go hand-in-hand) is widely described as a Tea Party favorite, but I don’t think that factored into his primary victory nearly as much as Cantor’s Sleepy-Beartone-deafness to the people who set him in office.

It seems an occupational hazard of those we send to Washington that they forget they are not our leaders, but rather our employees.  In the House, particularly, they forget that they are not national figures but are elected to represent their Congressional district, and to present what the voters of that district see as their own best interests.

Cantor, evidently, forgot that.  And it cost him.