Animal’s Daily News

Leaping Wet BearSome random notes this morning:

Marriage:  It’s Complicated.  No shit.  Mrs. Animal and yr. obdt. have been wed 22 years later this month.  As of last March our own AnimalMom and the Old Man have passed 67 years of wedded bliss.  Ask any of us, and with the perspective of long, happy marriages we’ll still all say “oh, hell yeah, it’s complicated.”

Mike McCurry Thinks Hillary Won’t Run.  Personally I don’t think Mrs. Clinton is half the candidate many in her party seem to think she’d be.  She’s carrying a lot of baggage – Benghazi, for one, is her baby; she was in charge, she owns it, and if anyone in the GOP has any brains (not something I’d be willing to bet on) they’ll hang it around her neck like a millstone.  She’s not half the politician her husband is, and that’s a fact.

Only 4% of Americans think their intelligence is below average.  Uh huh.

What is college is making people stupid?  Well, 96% of them will think they’re smart.  They be edumacated, after all.

Thoughtful-BearThen again, maybe young folks don’t need college.  Here are 16 great jobs that don’t require a 4-year degree.  The idea that every youth needs to go to college is a canard; the great failure of our education system nowadays is neglect of the trades.  Carpenters, pipefitters, mechanics and so forth can make a great living and they are honest, honorable trades – we need these people, and should encourage young folks to pursue those lines of work.

On that note, we return you to your Thursday, already in progress.