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This is good news for someone that spends as much time in airliners as yr. obdt. – Air Travel Getting Safer, Cheaper.  Excerpt:

Mercifully, air travel overall is getting safer. Between a high point in 1972 and a low point in 2015, the total number of airline fatalities declined from 2,373 to 186—a reduction of 92 percent. Roughly over the same time period (1970-2014), the number of passengers carried globally increased from 310 million to 3.2 billion. Put differently, the chances of dying in an air crash declined from 1 in 210,000 in 1970 to 1 in 4.63 million in 2014. Today, flying is not only safer, but also cheaper. In the United States for example, average domestic round trip airfare fell from $607 in 1979 (the year of deregulation) to $377 in 2014 (both figures are in 2014 U.S. dollars). Between 1990 and 2013, the average international round-trip airfare fell from $1,248 to $1,175 (2013 U.S. dollars). In both cases, the average number of miles flown per trip has increased.

I’ve never worried too much about air travel, even when crossing oceans, although the new Dreamliner that has carried me back and forth to Japan the last few trips bothers me a bit in only having two engines; when crossing oceans, it seems like four engines would be preferable, but then I’m not an aerospace engineer.  But the numbers for air travel have always been good, and they are getting better; eliminate Russian aircraft from the statistics and the numbers are just damn fabulous.

My airline of choice is United, mostly because Denver is a major United hub and the best rates for flights out of my city are almost always with United, at least of the major airlines; I value my comfort enough to eschew the super-cheapie services.  Their record is pretty good.  As stated in the linked article, According to the Aircraft Crashes Record Office, “8,231 passengers have died in Aeroflot crashes. Air France is next on its list, with 1,783, followed by Pan Am (1,645), American (1,442), United (1,211) and TWA (1,077).”  I’m not sure what the denominator is for any of those, but I’m pretty sure it’s in the hundreds of thousands.

My living depends on cheap, safe air travel.  Fortunately it looks like we have things covered for the foreseeable future.