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Excellent BearFirst up, thanks again to Pirate’s Cove and The Other McCain for the Rule Five links!

This is one of Those Weeks; having only just returned from The Great Land on a red-eye flight arriving yesterday morning, I am nevertheless off to Columbus, Ohio this morning to spend a few days producing a design plan.  Thus is the life of the self-employed.  So, before I head to the airport, here are a few tidbits.

Astroturf Anti-Trump Protesters Bussed In.  I’m not big on conspiracy theories, but maybe someone has an alternative explanation for all these Wisconsin busses on the scene of an anti-Trump protest?  It’s sure suspicious.

Parting (hopefully) shot from Her Imperial Majesty:  It’s not my fault!  Pathetic.  Message for the Dowager Empress:  It’s nobody else’s fault you lost, Your Majesty.  The fault is yours and yours alone.  Deal with it.

BearLaughing1Speaking of, this just in from the always-worth-reading Dr. Victor Davis Hanson:  Why Trump Won.  My take on that; The Donald appealed to big swaths of the electorate that have been ignored by the GOP and shit on by the Democrats for decades.

Putting the election in perspective.  On Twitter, no less.

Finally:  It seems a beer a day helps prevent strokes and heart disease.  Hell, I should live to be 500, then.

On that sudsy note, we return you to your Tuesday, already in progress.