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Hover BearI have a post-long-weekend flight to Boston to catch here in a short while, so this morning’s comments will be brief.  But we always have time to thank The Other McCain for the Rule Five links!

Moving right along:  Has the Obama/Biden/Clinton triumvirate turned the U.S. into a banana republic?  One could make that argument.  Excerpt:

The defining characteristics of banana republics are a matter of history. First, the law is not enforced against a chosen class in a banana republic, usually the allies of the autocrat in charge. Second, foreign policy is always performed in the autocrat’s interests and often in disregard of the nation’s actual interests. This describes how America functions in the era of President Obama.

The newly-released FBI documents on the investigation of Hillary Clinton make it clear beyond argument that the fix was in and that the FBI never had any intention of recommending that she should be prosecuted for her crimes.

That is very hard to write. I have had very good friends among the agents of the FBI, men of unshakeable dedication to the fair enforcement of the law. But that is no longer the FBI’s goal, as just a few references to the documents published last week reveal.

First, you had to notice that the FBI agreed that there would be no videotape of its interview of Clinton. Not only would there not be a videotape, but no court reporter would be present to record a transcript. That itself is highly unusual, but there is far more, and far worse.

Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff at the State Department, had to have participated in sending classified material to Clinton on her private and unsecured “” email system. Yet when the FBI questioned Clinton, Mills was permitted to attend as one of Clinton’s lawyers. That is not only unethical under the Bar’s unenforced ethics standards, but obviously a huge violation of the most elementary of FBI procedures that requires witnesses — and possible suspects — to be questioned separately in isolation from one another.

Facepalm-bearIt’s been an accepted fact since the 1990s that the Clintons were not accountable; that they could get away with actions that would see any member of the hoi polloi prosecuted.  But it’s gotten worse; Her Imperial Majesty has now been the subject of damning revelation after damning revelation, and forget the FBI, a plurality of American voters just doesn’t seem to give a damn.

Why?  I can only offer my own opinion, but I think a lot of it comes back to Free Stuff.  The Democrats far outstrip the Republicans at promising voters Free Stuff, and to a populace that increasingly looks for what the country can do for them instead of the other way around, that’s a powerful message.

It’s hard to run against Santa Claus.