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bears-cute-awesome1-11The long ‘tween-gig hiatus has ended; I will be traveling tomorrow to the Boston area, where I will be working (hopefully) until the end of the year, with the odd weekend at home.  Boston wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I’m paid to go where the work is, not where the fun is, so there you are.  And it’s always good to get the ol’ green rolling in.  And so since I have less than a day now to prepare to travel and get to the airport, today and tomorrow’s posts will be somewhat abbreviated.  Sorry.

With that said, this is up now over at Townhall.  Report: Major Federal Investigation into Clinton Foundation Underway.  Excerpt:

As we mentioned last week, (FBI Director James) Comey recently refused to answer questions from House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz regarding the existence of any Clinton Foundation-related investigations. Fox News’ Catherine Herridge reported months earlier that one branch of the Bureau’s broader email investigation was tied into the Clinton family’s “slush fund.” Fox followed-up on the Daily Caller piece on Friday, drawing a ‘no comment.’  A subsequent DC story again asserted the multi-pronged probes are in fact happening, highlighting the anti-corruption record of the US attorney allegedly leading this charge. Preet Bharara put away two powerful New York politicians in this past May, one from each major party; he’s also looking into the dealings of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.  As a former top aide to Chuck Schumer, Bharara has been a partisan Democrat in the past, but he’s built a reputation leading a fiercely independent and relentlessly tenacious US attorney’s office in New York’s southern district.  That particular office boasts “a tradition of independence…that has often led to tension with the Justice Department,” according to a former prosecutor and judge quoted in the New Yorker’s May profile piece on Bharara.  In other words, if it’s true that he’s the tip of a prosecutorial spear aimed at the Clinton Foundation, that’s a very big deal. For now, though, that’s an unconfirmed if.  Bharara’s office is also declining comment, for what it’s worth.  Meanwhile, here’s a testy exchange between a State Department spokesperson and an Associated Press reporter last week, wherein the latter finally lost his patience over the former’s repeated obfuscations in response to questions surrounding apparent conflicts of interest between State and the Clinton Foundation.  “Am I not speaking English?”

(Yes, that really was one paragraph.)

What’s interesting about this is Director Comey’s refusal to comment on any investigation into the Clinton Foundation; it is usual for law-enforcement to refuse to comment on ongoing investigations.  What’s more interesting is the rumor (and it is only a rumor at this point) that Preet Bharara is involved.  Mr. Bharara has a reputation as a bipartisan axe-man; he is a registered Democrat but more than that, is an absolute scourge to the corrupt in government.

And, True Believers, they just don’t come any more corrupt than Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I.  This may just be the one thing that can save Donald Trump’s campaign.