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Smiling BearIt begins!  And Her Imperial Majesty has still more email problems, this time laid on her by the DNC.

It seems Democrats just can’t get their heads wrapped around this brand-spanking-new email thing.  Some key stories:

DNC Chair Resigns.

Again With the Emails.

New DNC Boss Also Trashed Bernie in Emails.

Dems’ Convention Unity Script Marred by DNC Emails.

From that notorious right-wing rag, the New York Times:  More Damned Emails.

And from’s Nate Silver:  Kaine Won’t Do Much to Help Clinton.

Meanwhile, The Donald has seen a pretty substantial post-convention bump:

Donald Trump Bounces Into the Lead.

General Election:  Trump vs. Clinton.

BearLaughing1The key for The Donald will be this:  Can he hold this lead?  That remains to be seen; Her Imperial Majesty will almost certainly see a post-convention bump of her own.  But her negatives remain high, and expect Trump to continue hammering “Crooked Hillary” on what is, for her, the single greatest weakness.

Also, the new DNC email scandal is going to piss off a number of supporters of the daffy old Bolshevik from Vermont.  Will they jump ship, like the #NeverTrump crowd?  Or will they put party over person and stay in The Dowager Empress’s camp?

Another interesting tidbit; now that Debbie Wasserman Schultz has resigned her position as Chair of the DNC in disgrace over this, Her Imperial Majesty plans to appoint her as one of Her Highness’s chief campaign managers – so, Wasserman Schultz is basically changing the title on her business cards and going on doing the same thing she’s been doing.  Will that further piss off the Bern supporters?

As I’ve been saying, it’s going to be an interesting autumn.