Animal’s Daily News

bears-cute-awesome1-11Thanks to our pals at The Other McCain and The Daley Gator for the Rule Five links!

Let’s look at some odds and ends from the morning news crawl.

Jeb Bush:  Voters will feel betrayed by a Trump Presidency.  Uh, Jeb, why do  you think Trump is in the place he is now?  News flash:  Lots of Republicans are already feeling betrayed.  Lots of Democrats, too.

Hidden Fault Could Trigger Megaquake.  Women and minorities expected to be hardest hit.

Earliest non-human stone tools outside of Africa were made by monkeys.  Maybe we should put them in Congress.  It couldn’t hurt.

It seems the past may not be a fixed as we think it is.  If that’s true, I’d like to go back to my eighteenth birthday.  Don’t know as I’d change much of anything, but I wouldn’t mind running through it all again.

Splashing-BearsScientists are teaching robots to hunt robots.  Could we send one into the past to hunt past robots?  Hmm…  I’m sensing a possible movie plot here.  I’ll send someone into the past to talk to James Cameron about it.

On that, I’ll terminate this post.  We return you to your Tuesday, already in progress.