Animal’s Daily News

Excellent BearJust a few tidbits from the early-morning news crawl:

Nearly Half of D.C. Employers Said They Have Laid Off Workers, Reduced Hours Due to Minimum Wage Hikes.  No shit.  The actual minimum wage has an always will be zero – government, by force, pricing the lowest-skilled workers out of the job market will never change that.

Can you guess what happened when Dana Loesch challenged ‘Under the Gun’ director to a debate?  You probably can.  I don’t and never will use Twitter, but I have to admit the exchange here is pretty funny.

If you want economic growth, pick the candidate who’s actually created jobs.  For that matter, pick a candidate who has actually accomplished something – anything –  in the private sector.  Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I fails sadly in that criteria, never having done an honest day’s work in her royal life.

Office-Bear_HibernateFile this one under “belaboring the obvious”:  Babies are cute.  My grandchildren certainly were/are, although only one of them is still in ‘baby’ status.

And file this under “do they really have nothing better to do?”  Baltimore may require warning labels on soft drinks.  Because, you know, people are too stupid to make these kinds of decisions on their own.

On that sugary, fizzy note, we return you to your Thursday, already in progress.