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Angry-BearThanks again (from halfway around the globe) to The Other McCain for the Rule Five links!

And now for something completely different:  What the bloody hell?  Excerpt:

Colorado will not vote for a Republican candidate for president at its 2016 caucus after party leaders approved a little-noticed shift that may diminish the state’s clout in the most open nomination contest in the modern era.

The GOP executive committee has voted to cancel the traditional presidential preference poll after the national party changed its rules to require a state’s delegates to support the candidate who wins the caucus vote.

The move makes Colorado the only state so far to forfeit a role in the early nomination process, according to political experts, but other caucus states are still considering how to adapt to the new rule.

“It takes Colorado completely off the map” in the primary season, said Ryan Call, a former state GOP chairman.

Republicans still will hold precinct caucus meetings in early 2016 to begin the process of selecting delegates for the national convention — but the 37 delegates are not pledged to any specific candidate.

The Colorado GOP is – amazingly – even more inept than the national GOP.  They excel at one thing – circular firing squads – and this latest debacle is just another expenditure of self-destructive ammo.  The Sad-BearDonald is already raising hell about this and, you know, he does make a good point.  How the hell can you justify disenfranchising about a million Republican primary voters?

They don’t call us the Stupid Party for nothing – and when it comes to stupid, the last decade or so has seen Colorado Republicans running at the head of the pack.

I’ve never been a big fan of The Donald, and I’ve watched his campaign with a mixture and awe – he has tossed every political rule to the winds and so far, it’s worked.  But this latest bit of stupidity from my own Colorado is a great illustration why a lot of voters are ready to just kick over the applecart.