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Sleepy-BearLeaving in about five minutes for the McAllen, By God, Texas airport and thence to Denver via Houston, so this will be quick.  Some news tidbits:

And then there were six.  Christie and Fiorina drop out of the GOP nomination race.  Neither of them had a path to nomination, after all.  Who will be next?  If he has any sense, Jeb! will drop out.  The last thing the GOP (or the country) needs is another Bush.  In all honesty, Ben Carson may as well drop out, too.  Much as I hate to channel my inner Trump, Dr. Carson is a low-energy candidate who just isn’t blowing up anyone’s skirts.  He might make a great Surgeon General, but a President?  Not so much.

At this moment, I think the GOP race will come down to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.  But this is a race like we haven’t seen before; all the normal rules have gone out the window.

It’s going to be an interesting summer.

To make up for the abbreviated post, here is some totty from the archives.  Tune in for the usual Rule Five Friday tomorrow!11249130_415506445322931_1350963163_n