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Facepalm-bearThanks once again to The Other McCain for the Rule Five links!

Moving right along:  So now it seems that Facebook has banned the use of its service to legally buy and sell firearms.  Their announcement:

Facebook and Instagram users will no longer be able to offer or coordinate the private sale of firearms, gun parts and ammunition, the company said. That brings firearms in line with Facebook’s ban on the private sales of marijuana, pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs.

It’s important to note a number of things here:

  1. Facebook is a private company, and may allow or disallow what they like.
  2. Facebook does, however, err seriously in their statement above; as noted in the linked article, illegal drugs are illegal to sell anywhere, any time, online or not; the comparison to legally owned firearms is specious and idiotic.
  3. Facebook has the worst noise-to-signal ratio on the Internet, and that’s really something.

#3 above is why yr. obdt. eschewed Facebook early on, and have not used it in some years – although I do use Instagram for posting a few travel photos every now and then.

I think Facebook, in giving in to the arguing of anti-2nd Amendment groups, has seriously underestimated the backlash from the nation’s 200 million or so legal gun owners.  But my question is this:

Why the hell would you buy or sell a gun on Facebook in the first place?

There are several sites that specialize in the legal buying and selling of Girls with Gunsfirearms.  My favorite is Gunbroker, who not only provides an eBay-style auction forum for buying and selling guns and accessories but also maintains a database of FFL holders who will facilitate transfers.

Why not use these services, and tell Facebook to go suck it?  Tell Facebook’s advertisers to go suck it as well.

A constituency with 200 million members can speak with a pretty damned loud voice.