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Just when you thought the 2016 Presidential race couldn’t get any more surreal, New York Nanny-Stater Bloomberg makes noises about getting in. Excerpt:

A PRESIDENTIAL campaign season that is already a trifle too far-fetched for a movie script may soon get even more interesting. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, two men who were widely dismissed as novelty candidates when they announced their bids last year, are poised to do surpassingly well in the opening contests of the 2016 primary season. Mr Sanders and Mr Trump have narrow leads in the polls in Iowa, where voters caucus one week from today, and both are set to wallop their competitors in the New Hampshire primary on February 9th.

The unexpected rise of a self-avowed socialist and a bellicose billionaire who can’t seem to shake supporters no matter how outrageous his comments have the Republican and Democratic establishments worried. One notable moderate, business tycoon and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, is concerned enough that he is reportedly exploring the idea of jumping into the race himself. According to the New York Times, Mr Bloomberg “was galled by Donald J. Trump’s dominance of the Republican field, and troubled by Hillary Clinton’s stumbles and the rise of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont on the Democratic side”. His advisers are sketching out a plan for how he might run as an independent candidate, and a confidant says he plans to decide one way or another by the first week in March.

Confused BearLet’s clear one thing up right now:  Republican or not, Nanny Bloomberg is no  moderate; he’s an authoritarian, statist asshole.  He favors tightened gun controls, thinks it appropriate for government to limit the size of soft drink containers, and thinks most New Yorkers can’t be trusted to decide what they want to eat.

But, with all that said, I hope he enters the race.  I hope he goes absolutely balls to the wall with his independent run.  Why?

Because there isn’t much else anyone could do to better cinch the election for the GOP.  No matter who they nominate.  Look at Nanny Bloomberg’s policies and stated position on a variety of issues, and he won’t draw many votes from Republicans; but there are plenty of Democrats who are looking askance at Her Highness Hillary I’s legal shenanigans, and at the loony Bolshevism of daffy old Bernie, and finding themselves uncomfortable with both.

And, frankly, even Donald Trump would be vastly preferable to either of the Democrat candidates.

So, run, Nanny, run!  Let’s make 2016 even more surreal than it already is.