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Forewarned is forearmed.
Forewarned is forearmed.

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Obama: The NRA has “a strong grip on Congress.”  No, actually, the NRA’s members – you know, dues-paying members who get to elect the NRA’s leadership and vote on bylaws and policy – have a grip on the organization.  Excerpt:

President Obama appeared on a podcast with comedian Mark Maron this weekend to talk about race and guns following the horrific shooting massacre at a Charleston, SC, church.

Obama lamented that he was unable to jackhammer some gun control legislation through Congress following the Sandy Hook shooting, saying “the grip of the NRA on Congress is extremely strong.”

But the NRA isn’t just some third party with control over Congress. The NRA represents millions of people who want to protect their right to keep and bear arms.  The only reason the NRA has any influence is because the NRA has a very large membership of people who vote. Obama is just upset that Congress isn’t disregarding the will of their constituents in favor of a progressive agenda much the way Obama has disregarded the Constitution and checks and balances to impose his progressive agenda on America.

There are two things standing in the way of President Obama and his quest to eliminate the influence of the NRA; the First Amendment, and the Second Amendment.   The NRA (full disclosure – Mrs. Animal and yr. obdt. remain Life Members of that organization) is a voluntary association of free, independent people gun controlpooling their resources and electing their representatives to petition Congress, in accordance with the First Amendment – and the purpose is to protect their right to keep and bear arms, in accordance with the Second Amendment.

You don’t get much more First Amendment than the NRA.  You don’t get any more grassroots than the NRA.  You don’t get any more American than the NRA.  The NRA is not some nefarious, shadowy organization that somehow, mystically influences Congress.  It is – and lefties really hate this description – a civil rights organization in the truest sense of the word.  If the NRA is powerful, it is because its members make it so – its millions of members.

If President Obama has not been able to push his anti-gun agenda through Congress, it is because the American people, by and large, don’t want it.