Animal’s Daily News

BearLaughing1As opposed to a single story, here is an assortment of various things today, mostly because I didn’t run across anything to get worked up about.  Let’s get started!



Goose!  (Yes, I had to do it.)

Which animals (not Animals) are mostly like to kill you?  The answer may surprise you.  (Hint:  It’s not wombats.)

Facepalm-bearThe Donald is running for President (yes, really) and claims he will be the “Greatest Jobs President God Ever Created.”  Uh huh.  It remains unconfirmed whether Trump will place his hair into nomination for Vice President.  Note:  I’ll write something on Trump’s candidacy when I can manage to stop facepalming so repeatedly that it sounds like a round of applause at the Royal Albert Hall.

Real bioengineered animal weapons.

What happens when an entire country is infested with demons?  More facepalming. happens.  But apparently, after the exorcism, the invisible, undetectable demons that nobody could see, hear or feel – are gone.  How?  Because.

Uh huh.

On a related note:  The Pope wants a global authority to manage the climate. He should stick to driving demons out of entire countries.  Or, maybe, you know, running the Catholic Church, which actually is his job.

To make up for all that, here is some gratis totty from the archives.