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BearLaughing1Another would-be gun-banning politician has been busted – on gun charges (in Detroit, of course.)   Excerpt:

Police searched a state senator’s home Sunday after he was accused of firing a shotgun following a fight with his girlfriend.

Sources told Local 4 state Sen. Virgil Smith, who represents the fourth district, fired several shots into the woman’s car.

Investigators walked out of Smith’s home with what appeared to be a shotgun wrapped in a garbage bag. Investigators with Detroit police placed it in the backseat of an unmarked car.

Around 1 a.m. Sunday police were called to Smith’s home for reports of shots fired

Sources told Local 4 that early Sunday morning Smith and his girlfriend, a prominent businesswoman from Ann Arbor, got into an argument. Police said the victim told them multiple shots were fired in front of the home at Wexford and Hilldale, on the east side.

Sources said the woman was not injured, but that her 2015 Mercedes Benz was struck by gunfire. had this to say:  One thing we’ve noticed about supporters of gun control is that they tend project their own temper/impulse control/mental health shortcomings onto others. That is, they know that they don’t have the temperament to avoid using firearms when angry, and since they can’t control themselves, they assume everyone else has the same deficiencies.

 Facepalm-bearIt’s hard to think of a better explanation for knuckleheads like Smith.   Hypocrites come in all flavors, but anti-gun hypocrites endanger us all – not because they give ammo (ha) to other anti-gunners, but because they are universally crappy shots.  It’s only a matter of time before some gun-grabbing politician hits an innocent bystander.

In the meantime, one can only enjoy a nice bit of schadenfreude over the whole thing.  I know I will.