Animal’s Daily Nanny Bloomberg News

John Stossel weighs in on why Nanny Bloomberg is on the long list of people who shouldn’t be President.  Excerpt:

Like his fellow New York billionaire Donald Trump, he’s used to getting his own way at his own company.

Unfortunately, he assumes government should function in a similar fashion.

Instead of a predictable governing philosophy, Bloomberg has whims — lots of them.

The Media Research Center’s Craig Bannister tallied “32 Bloomberg Bans” (some were overturned).

While he was mayor of New York City, Bloomberg targeted smoking, flavored tobacco products, fattening sodas, cars on certain Manhattan streets, loud music, grass clippings, cellphones in schools, salt, guns, Styrofoam, restaurant menus without calorie counts and restaurants without extra bathrooms for women.

When challenged about how his ban on big soft drinks inconvenienced consumers, Bloomberg contemptuously replied that you could always buy two smaller containers.

“Could be that it’s a little less convenient to have to carry two 16-ounce drinks to your seat(, but) I don’t think you can make the case that we’re taking things away.”

Now, Nanny Bloomberg is an elitist prick.  For evidence of that, one need look no farther than his insistence that “ordinary” citizens shouldn’t have guns, while surrounding himself with armed guards, because, of course, Top Men aren’t subject to the same restrictions that the plebs must live under – at least in Nanny’s mind.

But here’s where I part ways with Mr. Stossel and his mustache:

If Bloomberg ends up in the White House, he’d bring his nanny approach to the whole planet.

Still, in my state’s primary, I’ll vote for him over Bernie Sanders.

I’d vote for my daughter’s cat over Bernie Sanders.  But I’m wondering why Mr. Stossel is voting in a Democratic primary at all?

I’m not too sure about in what state Mr. Stossel hangs his hat.  Some states have open primaries, in which one can cross party lines and vote for the worst candidate in the party you hate more, and it’s hard to imagine a worse candidate than the daffy old Bolshevik from Vermont.  In that case, I’d enthusiastically vote for Bernie, because he’s the most horrible of a list of horrible people and I don’t want any of them to be President.  (And to be fair, I’ve long thought that anyone who actually wants to be President should automatically be disqualified.)

And if John is in a closed-primary state, as Colorado has reverted to, then this would mean he’s a registered Democrat, which is a little baffling for a libertarian.

But to come back around to Nanny Bloomberg; John nails it in his closing sentences:

Bloomberg, unfortunately, is yet another unprincipled power-hungry political egomaniac.

I think Nanny Bloomberg has given enough orders for one lifetime.

Amen and amen.