Animal’s Daily Minimum Wage News

Don’t forget to check out my latest over at Glibertarians, especially if you’ve ever thought of taking up trapping.

Now then:  The administration of President Biden(‘s handlers) is looking into a $15 Imperial minimum wage, which is the latest stupid idea to be tacked on to a long list of stupid ideas coming from this administration.  Excerpt:

The minimum wage is the biggest issue the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) has lobbied on recently, the group told the Daily Caller News Foundation. After a series of pandemic-related victories on Capitol Hill, capped off by the December stimulus package that included $284.5 billion for small businesses, NFIB decided to lobby Congress to “do no harm.”

“Minimum wage is the biggest issue,” Jeff Brabant, NFIB’s manager of government relations, told the DCNF. “There are other issues further down the pike we’re worried about, but we’re trying to stay focused on minimum wage.”

“If your goal is to shut down independently owned mom and pop shops on Main Street and grow the market share of big-box megastores then I can think of nothing better than passing a federal $15 minimum wage today, because it will devastate small businesses,” Brabant said.

Feature, not bug.

It surely has occurred to these horse’s asses in Washington that a near-doubling of the Imperial minimum wage would have a disparate impact on small businesses, and much less impact on major corporations.  And what do we know about small businesses?  Well, they tend to be run by entrepreneurs, who tend to be independent-minded people who aren’t enamored of being dependent on a bunch of grifters in the Imperial Capitol – or, as in my case, of being the employee of a major corporation.  I did my years as a Faceless Corporate Puke, and I’ve no desire to go back to that.

And if you wanted to hurt small business, you could hardly choose a better single issue with which to do so.

Here’s the onion, though:  More than small business, it will hurt low-income workers.  Why?  Because the actual minimum wage is zero, and pricing relatively unskilled workers out of the market is the primary real effect of a high minimum wage.

Do you want more burger-bots?  Because that’s how you get more burger-bots.  And, more people dependent on government.

Again:  Feature, not bug.