Animal’s Daily Migration News

Ever thought of ex-pat-ing?  Read this:  In Biden’s America, Americans Should Go Where They’re Treated Best.  Well, quite.  The thing is, for some of us, that might not be America – not any longer.  Excerpt:

With President Joe Biden’s approval rating down to 36%, he is now more unpopular than his two predecessors ever were in office.

But, beyond politics, the very idea of America is losing luster. Nearly two-thirds of Americans (and rising) believe their country is headed in the wrong direction. For decades, it was assumed that America is the place to be an entrepreneur. The U.S. economy was synonymous with the American Dream. No longer: Upward mobility may be more alive in Canada than in America.

Indeed, upward mobility has been disincentivized, while the climbers are punished for daring to succeed. Government benefits are plentiful, while “taxing the rich” is the easiest refrain in politics. Under Biden’s Build Back Better plan, the average top tax rate on personal income would reach 57.4% in the United States — the highest rate in the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). All 50 states, plus Washington, D.C., would impose top tax rates on personal income exceeding 50%.

Today’s experiment in Big Government won’t end well for the United States. But it will make entrepreneurs, investors, and other wealthy Americans reconsider their place in the world and reevaluate their options — and that’s a good thing. Countries should compete for residents. If people aren’t treated well in one country, why shouldn’t they go where they’re treated better?

People with means ultimately go where they’re treated best, and Americans are reaping the benefits of globalization more than ever before. From Croatia to the Caribbean, digital nomads across the socioeconomic spectrum are leaving one lifestyle for a better one. 

Look to see this trend continue.

This is our move writ large, to some extent; Mrs. Animal and I had planned our move to the Great Land beginning about twenty years ago, and while politics and economics weren’t the primary drivers for our move, over the last couple of years they greatly increased our anxiousness to have the move done.  Our primary drivers for selecting Alaska were the hunting and fishing, the scenery, and the 2nd-Amendment friendliness of the state; moving into a small community where almost everyone you meet is familiar was a big plus, too.

But the appeal of being an ex-pat, well, I guess I can see that – if you aren’t too determined to hang on to your gun collection, as the 2nd Amendment is something kind of unique to the U.S. – for now.  But yes, there are plenty of places that are more tax- and business-friendly than Biden(‘s handlers) America, and who knows if that will change?  Or are we still counting on the GOP to change that when/if they are in control again?  The same GOP that repealed Obamacare?  That gave us nationwide CCW reciprocity?  That removed the idiotic NFA restrictions on suppressors?  That GOP?

There’s a lot to like about Japan.

The “Tax the Rich” RHEEEEE is likely to continue, and of course the rich are the people with the most latitude to move off-shore, which will just continue the economic downfall of America.  It’s too bad.

It would take a lot to get Mrs. Animal and I to go ex-pat.  If we did have to – and I know this would mean giving up the gun collection – we would probably go to Japan, if they’d have us.  We already know the country and the culture, we like it there, Mrs. Animal speaks and reads Japanese, and other than gun ownership it’s a pretty decent place.  What about you, True Believers?  If you had to bail, where would you go?