Animal’s Daily Messed Up Mexico News

This just in from national treasure Dr. Victor Davis Hanson, who I have quoted on these virtual pages many times and will many times more.  Excerpt:

Mexico in just a few days could elect one of its more anti-American figures in recent memory, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Obrador has often advanced the idea that a strangely aggrieved Mexico has the right to monitor the status of its citizens living illegally in the United States. Lately, he trumped that notion of entitlement by assuring fellow Mexicans that they have a “human right” to enter the United States as they please. For Obrador, this is an innate privilege that he promised “we will defend” — without offering any clarification on the meaning of “defend” other than to render meaningless the historic notion of borders and sovereignty.

Obrador went on to urge his fellow Mexicans to “leave their towns and find a life in the United States.” He has naturally developed such a mindset because he assumes as normal what has become, by any fair standard, a historically abnormal relationship.

Obrador is determined to perpetuate, if not enhance, the asymmetry. In the age of Trump, Obrador also reasons that the furor and hysteria of the American media toward the president represents a majority and a domestic grassroots pushback against the Trump administration — apparently because of Trump’s “restrictionist” view of enforcing existing immigration law. Polls, however, suggest otherwise, despite their notorious embedded anti-Trump bias.

Out on a limb.

As Dr. Hanson points out, The United States provides a vital safety valve to the deeply and fundamentally corrupt narco-state to our south and to the Central American states as well.  If (apparently) soon-to-be El Presidente Obrador wants to piss up our leg about our unwillingness to allow unchecked illegal immigration, he may find himself facing an increasingly hostile U.S. population – and were we to simply enforce the exact same kind of system Mexico itself uses, he would swiftly find that safety valve (and those billions in remittances) cut off.

What will Mexico do then?  Collapse in ruin, most likely.  Unfortunately that’s bad for us, too; maybe order can arise from chaos, but that’s not the way to bet.  Having a failed narco-state run entirely by cartels on our southern border won’t be a good thing.

Unfortunately it increasingly looks like we’re headed in that direction.