Animal’s Daily Massive Footprint News

Holy custom footwear, Batman!

Article here.  Excerpt:

It was found among an “unprecedented” 21 different types of dinosaur tracks and dwarfs a metre-long footprint discovered in the Gobi desert by a team of Japanese and Mongolian researchers.

Palaeontologists from the University of Queensland and James Cook University said their find was the most diverse array of dino footprints in the world.

The remains were unearthed in rocks aged up to 140 millions years old in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Steve Salisbury, lead author of a paper on the findings published in the Memoir of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, said the tracks were “globally unparalleled”.

He added: “It is extremely significant, forming the primary record of non-avian dinosaurs in the western half of the continent and providing the only glimpse of Australia’s dinosaur fauna during the first half of the Early Cretaceous Period.

A modern-day dinosaur.

I remain as fascinated by dinosaurs as I was as a little tad, and have made a point of staying abreast of new discoveries.  I’m also fond of correcting folks who say that dinosaurs are extinct; they aren’t extinct at all.  In fact, there are more species of dinosaurs around today than there are species of mammals.

We call them birds.  Birds are dinosaurs, specifically, they are coelurosaurs, a branch of the theropods and therefore cousins to the raptorian dinosaurs and the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Still, fascinating as they are, I’m just as glad most of the non-avian dinosaurs aren’t around any more.  Imagine a sauropod big enough to make the footprint shown above; one animal could block the interstate for half an hour just crossing over.  And some of the big carnosaurs wouldn’t be too much fun to have around, either.

Still – a big bull T-rex – what a hunt that would be!