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Given the unrest now so common across the country, and given that not all venues allow sidearms, I recently made a purchase; a Cold Steel City Stick.  In fact, even in venues that do allow sidearms, a non-lethal and immediately-to-hand alternative never hurts.

I received mine from MidwayUSA only Monday.

Cold Steel’s City Stick

This is something of a throwback, of course, to the days when any well-turned-out gentleman would carry a stick as a matter of course, in the event one has to deal harshly with a drunken lout, a strong-arm robber or some low masher who offended the honor of a lady.  But nowadays, the prospect of being accosted and beaten for paying insufficient homage to any number of leftist fever dreams should result in a resurgent of this sort of accessorizing.

Cold Steel describes the City Stick thusly:

The Cold Steel City Stick features a glossy black shaft made out of eleven layers of fiberglass which, in impact tests, proved to be virtually unbreakable. The stick is topped with a 6160 Aluminum head that’s been given a mirror polish finish. The head is removable so it can be easily engraved or modified to suit your taste. The base is fitted with thick rubber ferule to keep you from slipping on the mean streets and cracked sidewalks.

President Jackson, after all, beat an attempted assassin damn near to death with his walking stick.

From my few days of handling and using it, I can attest that the City Stick lives up to its intended purpose.  It’s a solid, stout fiberglass shaft with just enough flex to allow for one hell of a blow, and a stout, heavy aluminum head (detachable for engraving!) to administer a well-deserved attitude adjustment to the cranium of a miscreant.

Best of all, few folks will question a man of my age, with a fair amount of visibly gray and, yes, even white hair, will think twice about that man carrying a walking stick.  I most assuredly need no assistance walking, as loyal sidekick Rat will attest after a decade or so of elk hunts; but the casual observer won’t know that, and neither would an AntiProfa thug, until the aluminum knob lends him a concussion.

I suspect I’ll be toting this thing around a lot.