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Hello, Nurse!

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Ran across this on the site the other day, an article from one Gilbert Berdine, MD, on the ongoing Kung Flu mandates.  Excerpt:

President Joe Biden recently extended the US national emergency for covid-19. A confrontation between truckers protesting Canadian covid mandates and the government in Ottawa has turned ugly. The debate over covid mandates has turned toward authoritarian tactics rather than the merits of the mandates. Irrespective of the debate on the merits of covid mandates over the past two years, at the present time, covid mandates have become a solution in search of a problem.

Figure 1: New Confirmed Covid-19 Cases in Lubbock County, Texas.

Source: DSHS COVID-19 Dashboard, Texas Department of State Health Services, modified daily,

Figure 1 illustrates the rapid decline of the Omicron outbreak over the past three weeks. New cases in Lubbock County, Texas, are near zero in a population of over three hundred thousand. Yet a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mandate requiring healthcare workers to be vaccinated against covid-19 still stands. The stated goal of the vaccine mandate is to protect vaccinated workers against unvaccinated workers and to protect patients against unvaccinated workers. It has been previously argued that if the vaccine worked and protected people against covid-19, then vaccinated workers and patients would have nothing to fear from unvaccinated people. It has been demonstrated that transmission of covid-19 is about as likely to be from a vaccinated person as an unvaccinated person. However, even these arguments are no longer necessary, as there is no longer any disease in Lubbock County to spread. The situation is similar everywhere in the world. Covid cases are in rapid decline everywhere. Although it is likely there will be a new variant in the future with a new outbreak of cases, it is very unlikely that the existing mandates will protect anyone from this new variant.

Irrespective of whether covid mandates offered any benefit in the past, there is zero benefit from these mandates going forward. The mandates have become an authoritarian symbol of fealty—like kissing the pinky ring. The mandates must be obeyed because authoritarians in government have declared the mandates to be law—often without any discussion or debate from the representative bodies charged with making law.

Here’s what isn’t mentioned in this excellent article:  Informed consent.  That, True Believers, is a bedrock principle of medicine, and you cannot, you simply cannot compel consent.  Without informed consent, the entire practice of medicine from Hippocrates  forward is just plain out the window.

Why haven’t we heard more of this from medical professionals?  Especially MDs, the ones who supposedly still take the Hippocratic Oath?  Informed consent is not only a basic principle of the practice of medicine, it is a basic principle of a free society in general.  And, as I said, you cannot compel consent.

The CDC is beginning to backpedal on masking, perhaps to salvage some of their lost credibility.  But the Biden(‘s handlers) Administration and the governors of several (blue) states show no signs of backing down.  And the medical profession, on the informed consent question, remains, inexplicably, pretty damn quiet.