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I found this kind of interesting:  What Are Luxury Beliefs?  Excerpt:

It’s an intriguing thought, well worth our consideration.  If you have ever wondered why people with gobs of money, who have ascended the economic status hierarchy are so prone to mouth incoherent radical leftist tripe, Rob Henderson offers one response.

They wear their beliefs like status symbols. Henderson calls them luxury beliefs because they believe that being being politically correct, however much it damages the nation, is a way to assert higher social status.

I would add that in an age where the national media and its attendant mob shuns anyone who expresses a discordant non-radical belief, spouting luxury beliefs is good public relations. It protects you from being branded a bigot and being expelled from public society.

Were I to speculate I would add that people who have conquered the marketplace and who have amassed great fortunes seem to have the unfortunate tendency to think that they must now become philosophers. They look for new words to conquer and they set their sights on the marketplace of ideas. Thus, they turn to those professorial and media intellectuals who seem to have status within the world of ideas. And they allow said intellectuals to manipulate their minds, to persuade them to think politically correct thoughts. They resemble the dupes in the Socratic dialogues, the rubes who easily allow the great philosopher to make them think what he wants them to think… and to persuade them that they are independent thinkers.

There’s another side to this, and it ranges from astrophysicists (Yes, Neal DeGrasse Tyson, I’m looking at you) to movie stars to software developers – because they have grown famous knowing about one thing, they assume they know about many things.  The problem is it’s usually not true.  Dr. Tyson, for example, is rightly judged a knowledgeable astrophysicist, but I once heard him opinion about economics, a subject about which he plainly knows little.

But holding the opinions is one thing, and it would be of little import if the people described in the linked article didn’t feel the need to chatter about them so much.  The beliefs may be luxury beliefs, but that need to talk, that’s just virtue signalling – just plain, old, garden-variety virtue signaling, of the type engaged in by plenty of folks who just can’t keep that sort of thing to themselves.

Gobs of money or not, people are pretty much just people.