Animal’s Daily Lockdown News

Want to see some evidence of how well the Kung Flu lock-downs have worked?  Look at Florida and California.  Excerpt:

For the past year, California has effectively been shut down because of COVID. Most students haven’t attended school in a year. No kids sports have been played. Restaurants and bars, gyms, amusement parks, most public facing businesses, all of them have shut down in California to protect people from COVID.

Disneyland has been shut down for over a year in the state.

As a result, the California unemployment rate is 9.3%, and the COVID death rate per a million residents is 1,413.

Meanwhile, Florida hasn’t shut down at all, at least not since around May of last year when the COVID restrictions were lifted in the state. All kids have attended schools in person since last summer. All schools and youth sports leagues have played full sports schedules. Businesses have all remained open. Even amusement parks in the state, like Disney World, have remained open. (Full disclosure, I took my family to Florida for the month of May last year and also took my family to a fully open Universal Studios in Orlando for a week around Christmas of last year.)

The result?

Florida has an unemployment rate of 5.1%, and a COVID death rate per a million residents of 1,503.

Read it all, but the excerpt really says a lot.  California’s lock-downs were ineffective.  Florida’s per-capita death rate from the Kung Flu, when you normalize the data for the older population in Florida, may even be lower than California’s.

It would be interesting to see a broader sampling of data, of course; say, from South Dakota and Illinois, for example, or New Jersey and Alaska.  Colorado had mixed lock-downs, not as stringent as California’s and roundly ignored in many of the rural counties.  Alaska took few measures outside of requiring testing for entry, protecting the bush communities, although the cities of Anchorage and Juneau did engage in some lock-downs.

Alaska’s concern for the bush communities, of course, spawns from one issue:  If someone in the bush falls ill, they may have to be flown or even dog-sledded to medical help, which is a matter to be concerned about at all times, not just during the present supposed plague.

But the larger revelation from this story is somewhat different:  It’s another example the various levels of government having grown so overbearing, so ossified, that they can no longer react to changing data.  It’s another example of the fact that our pols, that horrible, parasitic ruling class, cannot admit they were wrong, no matter what the data shows.

And that, True Believers, is only going to get worse.