Animal’s Daily Liberty Doll News

Before we begin, check out the latest in my new fiction series over at Glibertarians!

Now then:  The other day, I stumbled across a YouTube channel by a young woman calling herself “Liberty Doll.”  Her videos are fun, entertaining and informative, even if she can be a bit… distracting.  Here’s her recent video on the whole Utica, NY gun “buyback” silliness; check it out.

This approach wouldn’t work for everyone (it sure as hell wouldn’t work for me!) but one takes advantage of one’s personal assets, and Liberty Doll has great assets.  But she’s also smart, engaging, charming and well-informed, so don’t think her channel is all cheesecake.

Not that there’s anything wrong with cheesecake.

Her take on the Utica gun “buyback” was a good example.  The whole debacle was eminently ridicule-worthy, especially the fellow “Kem” who sold them $21,000 of 3-D printed junk.  That, to my thinking, is a great way to illustrate the absurdity of this kind of program, and to make some serious cash on the side.  I’d give it a go myself, as I’m pretty sure I have enough pipe and scrap wood in the garage to cobble up some convincing-looking “zip guns,” but Alaska is an unusually sane state where guns are concerned.  There aren’t likely to be any “gun buybacks” here in the Great Land.

Go take a look at Liberty Doll’s channel.  Toss her a subscribe if you’re so inclined.  Anyone to the right of Leon Trotsky is having a hard time on YouTube these days, so it’s worth supporting those folks who are toughing it out.