Animal’s Daily Lardass News

Allow me to belabor the obvious here: Being a big fatass is not healthy.

Recently, at least four “social media influencers” were claiming that it is, in fact, healthy to be a gigantic land-whale. The problem is that they all died.  Before they turned 45. 

Paging Dr. Darwin – will Dr. Charles Darwin please pick up the white courtesy phone?

The past decade has seen extraordinary momentum building around a central argument that being obese doesn’t have to mean unhealthy. In other words, you can be fat and fit.

Branded Health At Every Size, or HAES, the philosophy has, at its heart, laudable goals. It aims to counter the multi-billion-dollar diet industry – which has a poor record when it comes to long-term, sustainable weight loss – and act as an antidote to the stigma encountered by people struggling with their weight.

But the problem isn’t people who are struggling with their weight – as in, trying to do something about it. The problem is with the people who embrace their fatassedness, and claim that it’s healthy and attractive.

Self-styled ‘fat activists’, meanwhile, not only promote larger bodies as healthy but reject decades of science which prove the dangers of excess body fat, encouraging devotees to ignore doctors who recommend they lose weight.

Some dieticians backing the belief even oppose weight-loss jabs such as Wegovy (also known as Ozempic) and bariatric surgery because they ‘continue to encourage weight loss as an important part of health’.

One organisation, HAES UK, described weight-loss surgery as ‘mutilating body parts’ and ‘not compatible with loving your body as it is’. And those who criticise it are labelled ‘fat-phobic’ or ‘anti-woke’.

As opposed to the people who hold these views, who may be accurately labeled as “anti-factual.”

Look, like a lot of guys in my age range (early ’60s) I’m carrying a few extra pounds.  I’m also active, having a rural household to maintain, and according to my doc, in pretty good health for a guy who is moving reluctantly towards senior-citizen status.  My weight has been ticking steadily downwards, month by month, not due to crash diets or fads but due to lifestyle changes.  I intend to make a century, and carrying extra weight is not the way to do that.

That’s something these “fat activists” would do well to figure out.

Too bad “Code Name Lardass” was already taken.