Animal’s Daily Klueless Krugman News

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Now, with that said: Paul Krugman is a cheap partisan hack, and an idiot.

‘The war on inflation is over,” wrote Paul (Nobel Prize-Winning-Economist) Krugman last week in a post on X. “We won, at very little cost.” The only thing missing was a giant “Mission Accomplished” banner.

But like the unfinished Iraq war that George W. Bush bragged about from the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln, the inflation battle is far from over. Krugman’s reputation as an economist, on the other hand, should be put in a body bag and shipped to Sweden, along with his Nobel Prize money.

Krugman was mocked for his claim about inflation, and for good reason. To show how we’d allegedly won the war, he had to strip out food, energy, shelter, and used cars. In other words – most of the stuff that people spend money on day to day.

Check out the Community Notes:

When you do that, the remaining basket of goods went up by just 2.8% year-over-year this September, down from a 6.7% hike the year before.

And this is why, as I’m constantly reminding folks, Paul Krugman is a cheap partisan hack.  I’m fairly sure he knows that he is deliberately omitting important data when he crows about OMG BIDENOMICS on Twitter.

But with Krugman, like so many leftists, it’s not about data, it’s not about facts, it’s all about The Side.  If these self-same numbers had obtained during the Trump Administration, Krugnuts would have added in food, energy and transport and wailed about how awful things were.

You just can’t take Paul Krugman seriously, and yes, the Nobel people should be asking for their money back.