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Even in Alaska, the sickos are still present, although I hasten to point out that this sicko was in Anchorage, which a fair number of Alaskans would just as soon not consider “real” Alaska.

An Anchorage man who allegedly distributed child pornography and fantasized extensively online about anally raping children was allowed to continue his nefarious ways while the FBI dropped the investigation in order to focus on investigating those the agency believed were involved in the Jan. 6 election protest at the U.S. Capitol.

The delay in arresting the man raises an important question about how many other cases of serious nature or other criminal activity the FBI dropped in order to go after Trump supporters.

Brogan T. Welsh, 31, of Anchorage, was indicted in late October in the District of Columbia on charges of distributing child pornography. His arrest came in Anchorage.

Welsh allegedly was a member of a private group on an internet platform specifically set up to chat about sexual exploitation of children and to the sharing of child sexual abuse materials.

Throw away the key!

It’s safe to say that sickos like this have always been among us, but it sure seems like they are more prevalent lately.  Is it that there are more of them, or is it that methods for detecting and busting them are more efficient?  I’m inclined to believe that is in part the latter issue; there are more tools available to help law enforcement catch purveyors of kiddie porn online than there are for catching the guy in a dark alley in a trenchcoat offering VHS tapes for sale.

As long as due process is observed, I have no problem with that.

As for Brogan T. Welsh, well, I expect he can figure to have the book thrown at him. Anchorage or not, Alaska is not California or Oregon; the courts here take these matters seriously.

Or so we hope.