Animal’s Daily Insurrection News

Imagine the outcry from the legacy media were the Republican mayor of a major city openly call for armed insurrection.  Yet a Democratic mayor, namely Chicago Mayor Beetlejuice, can do that, and as our pal Robert Stacy McCain points out, the reply from the legacy media is a huge collective yawn.  Excerpt:

The year-to-date homicide total in Chicago has already topped 200, but the city’s Amphibian-American mayor isn’t worried about that. In an average week, 11 people are murdered in Chicago. You might think reducing this deadly violence would be a top priority for Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a task that would absorb all of her attention. Nevertheless, she manages to find time to spend on Twitter, warning her “community” about the real danger — the United States Supreme Court.

In the aftermath of the city’s deadliest year since 1996, how does a “call to arms” against the Supreme Court fit on Lightfoot’s agenda? Chicago just celebrated Mother’s Day weekend with 24 shootings, including six fatalities. The previous weekend was the most deadly of the year, with 32 shootings including seven fatalities. That’s just shootings, to say nothing of other crime in Chicago, such as the carjacking rampage in which more than 500 people have been carjacked so far this year. The violence in Chicago is so out of control that the police department just issued a memo canceling “all days off . ;. . for one full week between May 24 and 31” because of fears of mayhem in the city around Memorial Day.

While Mr. McCain makes some excellent points about Mayor Beetlejuice bloviating while the city of Chicago collapses into anarchy, where is the outrage over her call for armed insurrection?  Because if the shoe was on the other foot, if, say, Governor DeSantis replied to a Supreme Court decision by describing it as a “call to arms” the RHEEEEE from the legacy media would measure on the Richter scale.

This, True Believers, is just another example of principals over principles – and an added example of why the general populace holds the legacy media in such low esteem.  This naked partisanship is growing old, and the “established” media hasn’t  yet figured that out.

But that’s OK, because we now have a Ministry of Truth to help all us dumb schlubs out here in flyover country understand what is acceptable knowledge and what isn’t.

Kakistocracy achieved.