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Before we get into it, check out the finale of my latest series over at Glibertarians!

Now then: I hate Twitter.  I really hate Twitter.  It has the worst noise-to-signal ratio on the internet, excepting (perhaps) YouTube video comments.  But, once in a while, you find a gem, and this string from San Francisco “moderate liberal” Michelle Tandler is one – showing, clearly, how she had her eyes opened to what is happening in what once was one of the world’s great cities.  Read it here.  Excerpt:

Yesterday, Tandler put together a thread on the progressive paradise, aka hell on earth, that is San Francisco, California.

This seems like the sort of stuff that demands some explanations.

Progressives claim to stand for those things. In theory. But in practice, it’s a very different story.

The thread mentions Michael Shellenberger’s book San Fransicko, which I am currently reading; watch this space for an assessment once I’m done.

But here are some questions for Michelle Tandler:  Are any of these observations of yours going to cause a change to your voting patterns?  Are you going to start attending council meetings?  Support city-level and state-level candidates who propose solutions, instead of just more of the same?  Have you read all of Hayek’s work, and what, if any, changes to your personal convictions resulted?

San Francisco, as stated, was once one of the world’s great cities.  The Old Man visited there in 1945 and described Frisco as a beautiful city, stable, safe and prosperous.  It’s a shame what has happened there.

But, as Mencken predicted, the denizens of the Bay Area are getting the government they wanted, good and hard; Michelle Tandler’s observations are clearly showing the results of that.  And until she and people like her toss out their old voting habits, nothing will change.  As for her questions about “progressive” values, well, “progressives” can say what they please, but their actions show very clearly what they are after – power.