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Joan Jett!

Here’s another interesting sub-genre of rock & roll, one that I’ve always enjoyed – bad-girl rock!

The whole genre really got going with the lady pictured here, Joan Jett, when she and Lita Ford started The Runaways.  (Don’t bother seeing the biopic of the same name; it was well and truly awful.)

Joan went on to have a substantial career of her own, and she can well and truly be described as the founding lady of bad-girl rock.  So here, on this sunny California Thursday, I present a few examples of bad girls rocking!

First up is the lady herself, Joan Jett, with a rendition of her Runaways hit Cherry Bomb.

Now Joan had a bigger solo career than her former Runaways partner, but that doesn’t mean Lita Ford didn’t do some rocking too.  Here she is with her song Hit and Run.

 And here they are together!  Going back to 1977, here is a performance of the tune Wasted by The Runaways.

Joan and Lita kick-started a genre.  They did it without auto-tune, while actually playing instruments, by doing live shows without lip-syncing.

How many young women performers now can say the same?