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The outbreak of the Kung Flu has led to another outbreak – this one is an outbreak of bullshit.  Excerpt:

The FTC has offered advice for consumers to help them avoid coronavirus scammers. On March 19 they published Part 2, and the FTC and FDA have sent out warning letters to these companies:

  • Vital Silver
  • Aromatherapy Ltd.
  • N-ergetics
  • GuruNanda, LLC
  • Vivify Holistic Clinic
  • Herbal Amy LLC
  • The Jim Bakker Show

They solicit complaints from customers, and this page has an Alert button with a link to facilitate complaints relating to Covid-19.

Stephen Barrett’s Consumer Health Digest #20-10 lists lawsuits filed against Jim Bakker, Alex Jones, and others for marketing fraudulent products claimed to prevent or cure the disease. It also lists commentaries about Covid-19 misinformation and quackery. That list features my article on how alternative medicine has exploited coronavirus fears.  Another commentary from the Science-Based Medicine blog is Jann Bellamy’s article on chiropractors who falsely claim they can protect patients from the virus.

I was proud to see that my article headed the list, appearing on February 4, a month before the rest. In it, I addressed:

And I mentioned that there were many more, but I couldn’t hope to provide a comprehensive list of them all. I also mentioned social media’s efforts to combat coronavirus misinformation.

I have to say I wasn’t surprised to see that asshole Jim Bakker’s name surface in this.  Fraud seems to be written into his DNA.

Were I a believer in Hell, I would say that there is a special place in it for anyone who defrauds the gullible in times like these.  I’ve long been of the opinion that there is a point at which fools and their money deserve to be parted; but in this case, where people are facing a possibly life-threatening disease, this is clearly beyond the pale.

For the love of Pete, True Believers, should you feel ill, go to a doctor.  Pay no heed to these fraudulent assholes.

As the author of the linked article states in her closing line:

I can’t help but wonder if the widespread toilet paper shortages are a response to the proliferation of bullshit.

Ain’t that the ever-loving truth.