Animal’s Daily “He’s Back” News

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Former President Trump spoke at CPAC on Sunday.  I listened to part of it, but Stephen Green of Vodkapundit fame listened to it all.  It was a barn-burner.  Excerpt:

Did you watch his keynote speech? Did you at least listen to it?

That was Trump at his best. This wasn’t the angry, flailing Trump we saw belatedly address the nation on January 6. This was the Trump we saw during the GOP convention last summer: Positive, energetic, and showing he’s still just head-over-heels in love with this country.

I was about to call Trump “Reaganesque,” but that’s not quite the right word.

Trump was Trump.

His return to his best form erased all memory of the worst moments from the post-election fiascos and proved the sunny fighter is still there, and still spoiling for a fight.

Trump was Trump…

…and that’s how he makes his comeback.

If you thought the Left went ape-stuff crazy the first time Trump did this, by 2024 the bat-guano is really gonna hit the fan.

It’s important to note that Donald Trump will be 78 in 2024.  That’s the same age President Biden is now.  But Trump still appears to be pretty sharp, whereas President Biden – well, he is becoming a matter of concern more and more each day, with even foreign commentators wondering if he’s lost too much capacity to do the job.

Personally, I don’t think he ever had the capacity to do the job.

The take-away from CPAC is pretty simple:  It’s Trump’s party now, and the 2024 nomination is probably his for the asking, unless he seriously steps on his crank.  If he selects someone like Kristi Noem as a running mate, that, True Believers, would be a really, really interesting campaign.