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Things for Hunter Biden are looking worse by the day, and Issues & Insights are there to compile a list of those things.  Excerpt:

The headlines haven’t been kind to the Biden White House of late: “Hunter Biden payments to Eastern European escort ring were flagged by bank: Report,” “Hunter Biden laptop shows dozens of meetings with dad, business partners,” “Overwhelming Evidence: Joe Biden Lied, Had Dozens of Meetings with Hunter Biden’s Business Partner,” “Inside The Biden Family Business (Or Not),” and, perhaps most seriously of all, “Report: Justice Department Weighs Charging Hunter Biden for Tax, Gun Violations.”

Yes, Joe Biden has been revealed to be a grifter who tolerated his own very compromised son’s illegal escapades in order to build his family’s wealth. And then he lied about it, repeatedly. What’s shocking is how long it’s gone on.

Many of the recent revelations come from Hunter Biden’s misplaced laptop, whose contents are now being spilled on the Internet as the mainstream media do their best to ignore the lost PC’s politically disastrous contents.

There is a virtual mountain of damning information emerging from that small computer.

It starts with Hunter possibly lying to get a gun permit in 2018, saying on the application he had no drug addictions when in fact he was a major user of illicit drugs.

But that isn’t all. More serious is the charge that then-Vice President Joe Biden met repeatedly with Hunter from 2008 to 2016 after he had contacts with foreign “business” partners. Biden has repeatedly, and categorically, denied this. But the evidence is overwhelming.

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The problem is that the Imperial apparatus allows for far too many opportunities for corruption, not least of which is the fact that Congress routinely exempts themselves from laws made for us common schlubs (like insider trading) and many of them as well as their family members have grown monstrously rich as a result (like the Pelosis.)  The more power government has, the more opportunities there are for graft; the weaker and less intrusive government is allowed to be, the less the opportunities for corrupt pols (but I repeat myself) to cash in.

But what will happen to Hunter?  I&I concludes:

It’s possible that Hunter Biden, now under investigation by the Justice Department, will soon be indicted for some of his recent shenanigans. But why stop there? There’s powerful evidence Joe Biden used his offices and influence to line his family’s pockets for years, if not decades. Hunter didn’t do all this on his own. It’s time for Joe Biden to get the thorough investigation he merits, too.

That’s probably too much to expect, to see the dementia-riddled puppet President impeached and convicted for corruption, but boy howdy it would be fun to watch.  As for Hunter, I expect the fallout for his blatant corruption will boil down to “not very much.”  That’s wrong, horribly wrong, but that doesn’t mean that won’t be what happens; there are too many people in the Imperial City with skeletons in their own closets, and they don’t want this precedent set.