Animal’s Daily Grandstanding Windbag News

Some people have way too much time on their hands – or possibly too much booze in their snoots.  Possibly both.  Excerpt:

Democrats have been celebrating all day about their sweep of major races last night. And apparently, some of them have been hitting the hooch a little too hard.

Take Texas Rep. Al Green. Mr. Green rose on the House floor and delivered a speech about impeaching Donald Trump. Of course, he’s not the only Democrat to use the “I” word. But most Democrats are smart enough (or sober enough) to know that before a president can be impeached, there are definite constitutional protocols that need to be followed.

Green is either ignorant of how a president is removed from office, or, in a celebratory(and) inebriated state, doesn’t care. Whatever the reason, Green got carried away in the moment and predicted that Trump would be impeached “before Christmas.”

Here is a portion of Rep. Green’s statement:

There will be a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives, Mr. Speaker, on the impeachment of the president. Mr. Speaker, this vote will take place before Christmas because there still is a need for the public to weigh in. I announced earlier this year, I called for the impeachment of the president right here on the floor of the House.

Since that time, I’ve read articles of impeachment. These articles of impeachment have been circulated and we’re giving people an opportunity to respond. Momentum is building, Mr. Speaker. The momentum is building. More people favor impeachment than not. Momentum is building. People should weigh in, they should let others know how they feel about impeach.

What articles of impeachment has he read?  Among whom have these articles been circulated?  Has anyone responded?   And what the hell does “…let others now how they feel about impeach” even mean?

Is Rep. Green drunk or just stupid?

Here’s the thing; Rep. Green has to know damn well that there will be no articles of impeachment.  He’s just bloviating for his own personal voting base.

Imagine what the political process would look like if Rep. Green’s wet dreams about impeachment became reality; any President that did something that a member of Congress didn’t like would be dragged in front of an impeachment kangaroo court.  It might look something like this:

Rep. Green is, as I said, grandstanding.  That probably sits well with voters in his district, considering that they voted him in.

But to most of the country he just looks like a jackass.