Animal’s Daily Fricking Fracking News

Fracking is an unalloyed good thing, so it’s not surprising both of the daffy old men running for President on the Democrat ticket want to do away with it.  Excerpt:

Fracking is seen as a critical issue to many Democratic voters in the presidential campaign. Bernie Sanders opposes any fracking. Joe Biden, on the other hand, said he would not support a nationwide ban on fracking, but would ban gas drilling on federal lands. 

Actually, most fracking is done on private and state lands, not federal lands, and thus would be difficult to stop. Today, thanks to such drilling in shale deposits spanning from Pennsylvania, to Ohio and Texas, natural gas dominates electricity production in the U.S. What’s more, the rise of gas in energy production is the reason why the U.S. is reducing carbon emissions faster than any other country.

So, why do so many want to ban the use of fracking? The short answer is that fracking opponents believe that electric power should only be produced without carbon or other emissions. We can discuss some ways to minimize such emissions.

Let’s start with coal, which for many years produced about 50 percent of the electrical power for America. But with the start of fracking about 20 years ago, the use of coal has steadily moved down to about 25 percent of America’s electricity use.

Huge amounts of carbon emissions are reduced in the U.S. simply by switching from coal to gas plants. Since 2010, hundreds of coal plants have closed, and others are expected to be retired in upcoming years.

Don’t read the comments, by the way.  The commenters on The Hill frequently seem to be competing to be the first to reach Tard Factor Eight.  It’s maddening and serves no good purpose.

It’s utterly baffling why Groper Joe and the daffy old Bolshevik would be taking this stance against fracking.  That places them firmly against cheap energy, warm homes in winter and cool homes in summer, jobs, lowering carbon emissions, and economic growth.

Why not just run against hot dogs and apple pie while you’re at it?

But, by all means, the Trump campaign should be encouraging this.  Running against the very industry responsible for tens of thousands of jobs in places like Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan should be a sure-fire way to carry those states this November, right?


Now that I think on it, The Hill’s comment population isn’t the only group attempting Tard Factor Eight.  The Democrat Party seems to be reaching for the same goal.