Animal’s Daily Fauxcohantas News

Princess Lieawatha is doubling down on her dumpster fire of a campaign, leading our good friend Robert Stacy McCain to weigh in on the whole thing.  Excerpt:

My only question is, what can I do to encourage Warren and her advisers to double-down on this far-fetched scenario? This is every Trump supporter’s wet dream, and please forgive me for using the phrase “wet dream” in a post about Elizabeth Warren. Anything that prevents the Democratic primary campaign from becoming a head-to-head contest between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders is good, in terms of helping re-elect Trump. Mike Bloomberg wasting millions of dollars to run a three-minute nationwide commercial on Sunday night? Perfect.

If Bloomberg’s campaign has any positive impact, it will be to help convince us that billionaire oligarchs like him should not exist. It’s bad enough that an oligarch can buy up airtime; to do so in order to exploit a pandemic for your presidential campaign is disgraceful.

What percentage of the Super Tuesday vote will Bloomberg get? Hopefully, enough to prevent Biden from winning several states, and thus moving Democrats closer to the brokered-convention scenario that the Warren campaign is fantasizing about. Of course, a comeback victory for Biden can’t be ruled out, but nobody on the Republican side should worry about that, either, as it has become apparent that Biden is completely senile. The best-case scenario, in terms of Trump’s re-election, is for Sanders to get this close (holding thumb and forefinger half-an-inch apart) to the nomination, only to be cheated out of it by a backroom deal at the convention. Whatever happens to the Democrats, however, the most likely scenario in November is that Trump wins:

About half an hour into his speech Saturday afternoon at the 48th annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), President Trump spotted a familiar face in the crowd. “My friend over there — you are the greatest,” the president said, and urged the man to stand. “Look at him … Does everybody know Jeffrey? Jeffrey Lord” (38:10).

The Dems that drop out of the race, as they inevitably fall one by one, are endorsing daffy old Groper Joe Biden as they do so, inasmuch as they’ve endorsed anyone; that helps Fauxcohantas excuse staying in the race, as she’s competing not with Groper Joe and his ever-increasing senile dementia, nor for Little Mike Bloomberg or any of the other supposed “moderates,” but instead with the daffy old Bolshevik from Vermont.  They are two of a kind, and one wonders if Lieawatha is just staying in the race to try to clinch the Veep spot.

Today’s Super Tuesday, True Believers.  By evening we’ll have a pretty good idea how this whole thing is going to shape up.  And it’s going to be popcorn-worthy, no matter what happens. Hold on to your butts!